Record Blue Catfish

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When State Location Angler Weight
June 2011 Virginia Kerr / Buggs Island Nick Andersen 143 pounds
March 2014 North Carolina Kerr Lake Travis Combs 135 pounds
June 2010 Missouri Missouri River Greg Bernal 130 pounds
June 2005 Illinois Mississippi River Tim Pruitt 124 pounds
June 2004 Texas Lake Texoma Cody Mullenix 121.5 pounds


Prior to official records being kept, it is reported that 250+ pound blue catfish have been caught from the Mississippi River.

And, allthough not a blue cat... In 2005 Fishermen in Thailand netted what scientists believe is the largest freshwater fish ever recorded. It was a giant Mekong catfish, was 9 feet long and weighed 646 pounds!

Since the giant Mekong catfish is considered a critically endangered species, they tried their best to revive it but were unsuccessful. It was later eaten by local villagers.