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Question: All catfish bait is created equal.... right? No...  Because the smell and texture make a difference.... 

Question: What really makes a catfish bait good?  Smell -- but not how it smells to us but how it smells to them. The more it stinks to a catfish, the more they like it.

Question: Is some catfish bait really better than others? Oh yeah

Question: Is catfish bait in punch form better than dip bait? I think so. The smell and bait ball ball last longer in the water and has a natural texture closer to catfish food. 

Question: All catfish bait has some secret ingredient.. right? Yes, but that's all I can say.  

Question: What's the connection between catfish bait and the senses of a catfish?
When it comes to senses, catfish are turbo-charged. Their sense of taste is unbelievable. Their sense of smell is unparalleled. Few fish hear as well, and catfish also have excellent sight and a superb sense of touch. On top of all that, catfish have other sensory abilities that seem more like science fiction than science fact. So, when the right catfish bait is put in their surroundings, they immediately begin the hunt for the source of the substance causing their sensory overload.

Question: We saw that you mention fishing under the birds. What did you mean by that.
Depending on where you live cormorant birds ("turkey birds") will roost in the tress over the water. The eat all day and regurgitate much of the fish they eat during the night. This is natural "chumming of the water" and is a great place to fish. I don't know where they roost in the North but (in Texas) when the winters get cold up north the birds come to Texas. And, like I said, they roots in trees over the later. In hot weather the catfish go deep and jigging the bait in deep holes or drifting flats near deep water works well.



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