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Worth a 1,000 Words Aren't They?

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30lbs-Who said catfish punch bait won't catch big ones?
30 lbs, Lewisville 3 1/2 feet of water
benny-arrowhead-big-uns.jpg (101903 bytes)
20 Catfish 170#s,  
Arrowhead, 1 1/2' Water. Winter time catfishing!
benny-april02-132.jpg (66888 bytes)
25 Catfish 132#s,  
2 Hrs, Shady Shores
benny-april02-97.jpg (71250 bytes)
25 Catfish 97#s,  
1 1/2 Hrs, Lewisville
bob-n-big-blue.jpg (49156 bytes) benny-april13-2002-lewisville.jpg (247459 bytes)
90 pounds of catfish in 4 hours. All caught on Benny's Sure-Shot catfish bait.
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benny-cat1.jpg (64787 bytes) March-with-benny-1.jpg (76465 bytes) benny-cat8-feb02.jpg (69292 bytes) benny-bird-roost.jpg (72348 bytes)
benny-cats9.jpg (104376 bytes) benny-pelicans-leaving-roost.jpg (110914 bytes)
Watch for Birds! Pelicans Taking Off... 
cormorants-leaving-roost.jpg (80321 bytes)
Watch for Birds! Cormorants Leaving Roost... Find these birs in the winter and just pitch Benny's homemade  catfish bait and rig near their roost -- and hold on tight! 
March-with-benny-2.jpg (73172 bytes)
17 Catfish 65#s,  
3 Hrs, Lewisville