Catfish Bait Frequently Asked Questions

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Can you catch big catfish on punch bait? I've heard all you catch is little ones.   
Yes you CAN... Rather than argue the point, check out these pictures of big cats caught on Sure-Shot.

Lewisville - 3 1/2' of water - 30#s
There were 49 others also!



Does the catfish bait have to be refrigerated?   
No, just keep the catfish bait in a somewhat cool dry place when not fishing. 

How should you thicken the bait if it gets a little thin in really hot weather?
Just mix in some cat tails or shredded up paper towels.  

How should I use Benny's catfish bait?  
I recommend using a #2 treble hook. Lay the hook on top the punch bait and punch the hook down into the bucket of bait using a paint stir stick. Then, holding your line, pull the hook out of the bucket -- this should load up the hook quite well.

See this page on the best way to use the bait: 

Can I pay by credit card or PayPal or some other online payment method?
Sorry, but no... It's best to use check or money order - I'm just an ole fisherman and bait maker and can't handle at that internet stuff..

Can you guarantee your catfish bait?
You betcha -- if there are blue cats or channel cats in the water you are fishing it'll work. Look at my pictures page. All these fish were caught using my homemade catfish bait punch bait.