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Please... send me a check or money order and I'll send you your bait the day I get the payment.

Sorry, but I'm just an ole fisherman and bait maker and can't handle the online payment stuff.   


2 Gallon Bucket of catfish bait - the most popular size Benny doesn't just make & sell his homemade catfish bait...  
He uses it!

This is a true homemade catfish bait / punch bait... Benny catches, gathers and mixes the ingredients for his bait by hand himself at his home in Decatur Texas. 

Benny's catfish bait is formulated for performance -- it's this personal homemade touch that makes a real difference on the water. 


Prices Include Shipping!
Bucket Size Price When Shipped to
Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana
Price When Shipped to
All Other States
Make checks payable to Benny Roberts
1-Gallon $35 $45
2-Gallon $70 $80
5-Gallon $140 $160

 (For 5-gallon purchases, Please specify ONE 5-gallon bucket or FIVE 1-gallon buckets) 


for Benny's Sure-Shot catfish bait, send check
or money order and your shipping instructions to: 

Benny Roberts
146 PR 1123
Decatur, TX 76234
(Guaranteed to ship day payment is received)


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Sure-Shot Catfish Bait Testimonials 


I've always been told that "Big" fish would not bite catfish punch bait...

You can toss that theory out the window. 

At least I consider a 30# cat to be big.

This is the best catfish bait I have ever seen!

Just got this picture downloaded from my trip to Sardis Lake last Monday.

The 19 pound Blue Cat hit Sure-shot
punch bait about 18" under a bobber in 3 feet of water.

Benny Roberts makes good bait!  Albert.

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that over the Christmas Holiday, my wife and I made a trip to my old home town in Southern California. We took along our fishing gear, as well as your homemade catfish bait.

I was amazed with the results that we had using your catfish bait
in the canals in the area. Over a two day period of fishing off and on, we landed over 24 channel cats! This was in canals that I had previously always considered to be "fished out". We now think of your bait as our "secret weapon" for catching cats wherever we go.

Thanks for making a distributing such a great product!

Rich & Becky Wymore
West Sacramento, CA



I have used your catfish bait for the past month and caught more catfish than I could have imagined.
I have caught them on rod and reel and on trotlines. This stuff is amazing. I'm attaching a picture of a fish I caught this past weekend at Lewisville Lake. It was 32.5" long.
 Real homemade catfish bait!

Benny; I sent you a note with an attachment of a fish I caught at Lewisville Lake two weeks ago. I noticed you put it on your website.

Just to prove its not a fluke, this past weekend, I gave it another try....at least 60 lbs of fish, the largest 24lbs.

This Home Made Sure-Shot stuff is great!

Benny: Nobody can tell me there is a better bait than Sure-Shot Catfish Bait... PERIOD!   50 fish, 250+ pounds in a half day's fishing.   
.... your friend Jim


Benny; I sent you a note with an attachment of a fish I caught at Lewisville Lake two weeks ago. I noticed you put it on your website.

Just to prove its not a fluke, this past weekend, I gave it another try....at least 60 lbs of fish, the largest 24lbs. This Sure-Shot stuff is great!

Benny Roberts, 
I have been using your Sure Shot home made catfish bait for about 4 years now.......The first time I used it, I was fishing from shore on Lake Lewisville with three poles.  After about 20 minutes I was down to one pole ‘cause I couldn’t keep up.  It's a long drive to where I buy the bait, but well worth the drive.  

Now, to the reason for me sending this to you.  Cat fishing used to be an activity that I did because the boat was in the shop or the sandies weren’t biting or something else but now catfishing is what I do first.  Over the years, I have tried them all along with liver, bacon, gizzards etc. Nothing works like Sure Shot catfish punch bait!   Here is the deal Benny -- you CANNOT DIE and CANNOT quit making Sure Shot unless you promise to leave the recipe to someone -- DEAL?

Thanks for a lot of fun and some of the stinkiest stuff I have ever encountered.  I’ve noticed that flies don’t even come to it.

Sincerely, Larry Imes Lake Dallas , TX  

To: Benny,  
Subject: This Catfish Bait Has to be Illegal!!!

The bait is working better than anything I have tried before. Just got off the lake from landing 45 fish in 2 hours!! It out-fished shad-guts and cooks cheese 50 to 1I It has earned a place in the bait "Hall of Fame" with me anyway. Getting ready to try some flooded timber in a small river -- wish me luck partner. I think I've caught about 200 fish on your bait so far.

Best darn catfish bait on earth!

Brad "Slimy" Prather    Mattoon, Illinois

I have ordered from you in the past.  I am going to be sending a check in the next week for 5 more gallons. The bait works great. I have tried different baits up here for about 6 years and never found anything that works like your homemade brew.  I lost 1 last Sunday morning that was estimated to be 20 - 25lbs. I lost it 15' from shore. 
If you can send me a e-mail of your banner I will add it to my link page if you want. Thanks for a great bait!

Jim Reed    Lima, Ohio.

Mr. Benny Roberts, 
I learned about your bait at whiskerkitty about this time last year (Feb 2002). With much encouragement from Chad Ferguson, I bought a gallon of your punch bait last year and used half the gallon before I really learned how to use it. I've now learned how to use it and I'm catching a at least a dozen cats every trip just on the Sure Shot.

The lake I fish on is not a good catfish lake (Belton Lake) but with your bait I have always out-fished everyone else on the lake. I've tried it side by side with some other punch baits but there is just no comparison. Sure Shot will catch fish when nothing else will.

Send me another gallon. Thank you for making such a great bait and I look forward to catching a lot more fish with the new gallon.

Phillip Parrish    Killeen, Texas

Benny Roberts & Jim Gilbert
I would like to thank you for making possible the catching of this fish , First to Jim for teaching me the basics of equipment, presentation and water conditions. A very special thanks to Benny for making and providing Sure Shot catfish bait, as a beginner I have tried several types of prepared baits, Without any doubt Sure Shots catfish bait beats all and any of those others. Again, Thanks Benny. Hooker (Bob Lien)

bob-n-big-blue.jpg (49156 bytes)

Hi Benny
Received your bait around noon on friday.  Couldn't have arrived any better.  Thank you very much for your personalized attention. Here is how I've done so far with the bait on a small 9 acre lake:

Friday night..6/13....6:30 pm till 9:30 ---

9 channels..65 Lbs

Saturday Aft..6/14..1:30 pm till 4:00 pm --

6 channels .. 35 Lbs

Sunday Eve ...6/15..3:30 pm till 5:30 pm --

4 channels .. 23 Lbs

Was competing your catfish bait against another during these times and yours outperformed a whooping 4-to-1.  Making a believer out of another cat fisherman.  You can bet on another sale as my supply dwindles as I advertise your homemade bait to a few locals.  Who knows..maybe will spur a few more orders from
this area. Thanks again.

I just had to write and let you know about my
experiences with Sure-Shot. 

I read about Sure-Shot for months on Whiskerkitty, and finally made a trip to your place last February and picked up a supply.

I fish a local water supply lake called Lake Hefner here in the OKC metroplex whenever I want to go
fishing and don't want to have to drive for an hour.

I counted myself fortunate to get a bite in this lake, and I was excited to actually catch a fish... before using Sure-Shot. 

Now, I AVERAGE catching 20 channelcats in three hours. Sometimes more, sometimes less. The average size is 3/4 to 1 pound, but many go to 3 pounds. Not bad for a lake that few people catch anything at all!

Sure-Shot worked well at both ACATS tournaments that I have participated in so far. Sure-Shot is going to help us to win one before long.

Thank you, Benny, for producing such a great product, and allowing us Okies to buy some! At the rate I'm going through the Sure-Shot, I'm gonna have to start buying it in 5 gallon buckets!

Old Catfishermen never die... they just smell that way! ... Kish Kape

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